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DMoose Fitness Premium Dip Belt

DMoose Fitness Dip Belt is a reinforced, comfort-fit nylon body with a chain; a key tool to train gymnastics strength with a full range of motion. A high strength stainless steel chain is attached through extremely tough carabiners that will allow higher load capacity. Whether you’re performing dips, pull-ups, or the hip belt squat, this belt will provide you reliable safety under extreme tension. 

This Dip Belt has heavy stitching, a 36" total chain length, and a pair of locking carabiners.  For those who want to challenge themselves with some extra weights in addition to their existing body-weight exercise, this simple accessory will work wonders for them. It will help you push your limits with ultimate protection and health. 

Color: American, Black, Gray, Red, Blue, Blue CamoGray Camo 


  • A wide belt design with double stitching 
  • 36 Inch heavy duty steel chain  
  • Super heavy duty neoprene material for comfort and security 

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