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DMoose Fitness Heavy Duty Hip Resistance Band

DMoose Fitness Hip Resistance Band is extremely light in weight and not very expensive. It has more than one function: You can use it to warm your lower body muscles before exercising or use it to directly work your hip flexors. Hip circles also help with hip mobility. They work wonders when it comes to improving hip flexor strength. 

DMoose Fitness Hip Resistance Band is conquering the pull-up, or at least successfully doing one on our own without our gym buddy's help. These bands fit 100% to your needs. To your size. To your fitness level.

Now you can easily choose one based on your bodyweight and the current number of unassisted repetitions you can do. Remember when you use them for pull-up assistance; you can secure it beneath your feet or under your knee for different levels of support.

Our Resistance Loop has durable & rip-resistant pure elastic construction and inner rubber grip. It will guarantee durable resistance, strength & stability for your Leg Lifts and other home gym workout.



Color:  Red, Pink, Green, Black, Lilac, Green Flowers, Green Flowers


  • Pure elastic construction with inner rubber grip 
  • Robust resistance and elasticity 
  • Durable tear-resistant coated finish