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DMoose Fitness Weightlifting Belt

DMoose Fitness Weightlifting Belt is built with a long-lasting, heavy-duty strap that will ensure you don’t need to replace your belt often. A hook on the support strap with an iron rotatable adjustment ring enables you to adjust tightness for desired comfort. The ends of the belt are also wide to provide your abdomen with maximum support.

The weightlifting belt is made of high grade neoprene without any tapering; you can comfortably lift all sizes of weights. The belt is light in weight, compact and also has a thick construction that aids in supporting your back. This helps it fit easily into your gym bag also.

This ergonomically designed belt is one of the best you can get your hands on. It is uniquely designed to ensure stability of your back and core so that you can have extra power for performing exercises. With its sleek design it has become the choice of both men and women and also it is 100% safe, for you and the environment.