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DMoose Fitness Neck Head Harness

DMoose Fitness Neck Head harness training system has revolutionised the face of neck training as we know it. It is made of high quality nylon webbing padded with high density neoprene for absorbing shocks and preventing cuts. This neck harness will give you most durable and comfortable experience to execute the traditional weighted neck exercises. 

This ultimate neck harness training equipment will not only increase strength and muscle definition in the neck area but also improves posture while supporting the spine. DMoose Fitness neck harness is designed to get your neck strong and be comfortable while doing it. 

It has durable and well positioned Velcro that holds chin and head securely in place with heavy duty D-rings and durable steel chain that will help you to be creative with it while pulling sled or bands. 

Now your neck can withstand all the burdens of weight lifting and bodybuilder training with the help of this harness and you can choose different colors based on your personal flair. 

ColorBlue, Gray, Red, Black 


  • Adjustable strap design 
  • Double stitching, heavy duty steel chain with D-Rings to reduce stress, wear and tear.  
  • Doesn’t break even at heavier weights 

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