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Knee Wraps

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Our Knee Wraps are designed to keep your knee from buckling while you are in the middle of a heavy set. The wraps are proven to make your recovery after grueling leg-day a smoother process

Protect Your Knees and Improve Your Stability with Form-Flexible Knee Wraps from DMoose Fitness

A leg day requires you to engage as many muscles in your legs as possible. Whether you’re in the middle of a squat or a lunge, injuries can happen at any time. Hence, it is important to keep your knees steady when working out. The DMoose Fitness Knee Wraps are designed to give your knees enhanced compression and stabilization when you’re hitting it hard in the gym. Our knee wraps help you transition to heavier weights to get those massive gains

Product Details:

  • Premium Fitness Knee Wraps (Pair)
  • Adjustable, Elastic Compression
  • Helps Improve Stability and Balance
  • Breathable Cotton Polyester Blend
  • Reinforced Double Stitching
  • Sweat and Moisture Wicking Fabric

  • DMoose Fitness Knee Wraps



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      Designed for Comfort and Support

      The perfect blend of comfort and practicality, our knee wraps are the go-to product for weightlifters, powerlifters, Cross Fit athletes. The elasticity ensures it covers all parts of your knees without cutting out circulation.





      Protect Against Injuries

      Avoid sprains, twists, and injuries with our knee wraps. It ensures you recover faster and better without having to skip out on the gym.


      Reduce Joint Inflammation

      These high-quality knee wraps help keep your joints and muscles warmer to improve flexibility while the compression can help relieve soreness, stiffness, and inflammation.


      Exciting Color Patterns

      We want our customers to have the option of choosing their own style of knee wraps according to their personal preference. Our product comes in four distinct color options including two versions of the American flag, classic black and camo green

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      Smart, Customized Fit

      The stretchable knee wraps are designed to fit to your specific boy shape and size. Reliable knee support is ensured to keep your days in the gym consistent.

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