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What you need to know about Powerlifting Belts

What you need to know about Powerlifting Belts

The belt you’ve seen, and the basics you need to know.

Powerlifting Belts, what are they?

Powerlifting belts are worn around the waist and designed to offer your core additional support. During heavy exercises and as the abdominal muscles contract, they push against the belt to work as a foothold and prevent injuries to the lower back. The sort of exercises which require people to use a weight belt include heavy squats, cleans, dead-lifts, and snatch.


Your natural weight belt

The body has its own nature weight belt which is our core muscles. These core muscles comprise of the Rectus obliques, abdominal, quadrates, spinae, lumborum, and the pelvic floor muscles. For this reason, some trainers often dispute the use of powerlifting belts on the basis that you shouldn’t be lifting weights unless you have the core strength to do so. However, what if you are lifting a weight that is too heavy for your muscle? Why should you risk your core muscle? It isn’t worth it!


The Use of Powerlifting Weight Belt

Instead of taking the risk of lifting heavy weights with their core, most trainers prefer to put on a weight belt to compensate for their lack of strength, further support the body, and prevent damage to their core muscle. Powerlifting weight belts also help to build a stronger core muscle.

Generally, if trainers spend a bit of time strengthening their core, they will not only be able to lift more weight but also be more active in sports and everyday life. Solid and stable core strength is the key to building a better body and becoming a better athlete.




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